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Infrastructure Analytics for technologies driving your business

ArchSaber provides deep & actionable insights into the performance & health of modern tech stacks, along with indepth monitoring of your Infrastructure & Services

ArchSaber Infrastructure Analytics

Get started in just minutes, with zero impact on your resources

Identify bottlenecks in cluster as traffic grows rapidly

Uncover hidden issues pulling down experience of users

Reduce infrastructure costs, increase productivity

Monitor entire Infrastructure from inside

Group or sub-group to get cluster-level metrics & alerts
Works for detacenters as well as cloud
Wide range of plugins made by us with care & full support
Effcient & secure Plugins for modern technologies
Database: Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, RethinkDB & Cassandra
Load Balancer : HaProxy , Elastic Load Balancer
Web Serves : Apache & Nginx
Cache : Redis & MemCache
BigData Analytics: Kafka, Hadoop & Sapark
Core Metrics : CPU, Network, Disk & Memeory

Oversee Services from outside

APIs checked all across the world
constant monitoring of your APIs for latency ,response code & payload
Probe APIs & resource endpoints for uptime & latency
Ensure global availability with check points in all continents

Visualize metric Crunched & Crisp with deep & latent co-relation all extracted & structured

Ultra modern dashboard for smooth & quick navigation

Multi level visualizations for large & complicated stacks

Super-Easy to Setup, Scale & Update

Self sufficient, self updating agents with zero maintenance

No dependencies or integrations required, just deploy once & relax
Automation modules for Ansible Chef & Puppet
Centralized control panel to change anything with a click

Smart & Seamless Alerting built-in

No additional setup, no added charges

Realtime alerts on reliable channels : phone call, SMS & email

Effortless & intuitive configuration
External Integration include PagerDuty, Slack HipChat
A comprehensive IT monitoring and analytics tool
Get to know of infrastructure issues before they happen!
Improved infrastructure reliability and reduced outage
Improved IT infrastructure utilization
Improved IT operations team productivity
Know how different pieces interact with each other
24x7 monitoring of your infrastructure with alerts.
Attend to issues as soon as they happen.
Trace back the problem to its origin and analyze its propagation and provide solution for the underlying root problem
Pre-empting the outage and failure of infrastructure and backend services by looking at resource usage pattern
Infrastructure insights without diving into / interfering with user code.
Intelligently pre-configured settings for all metrics.
Intuitive and comprehensive dashboard.
No headache of writing own plugin, or using untrusted third party code.
No messing around with configuration files. Works out of the box.
Whole cluster visualization. Go-to place for user to look out for problems.
No messing around with configuration files. Works out of the box.
Performant and highly scalable system, built on latest technologies.
A whole new way to understand and scale your infra using advanced data-science techniques.